Top 10 Famous Israeli People… With a Twist

By: Erica Toms

1. Natalie Portman

From: Jerusalem

From Former First Lady Jackie in Jackie Kennedy to American stripper Alice in Closer; it’s safe to say the world-famous Natalie Portman has played a variety of roles. And that’s not all, with an IQ score of 140, Portman is a near genius, and has a net worth of $45 million. Yoffi.

2. Uri Geller

From: Tel Aviv

This man is famous for bending spoons… Ok that’s probably not all, but it’s a big part of what he does. Whilst we were wondering whether he practised on some partially-frozen hummus, we learnt that Uri received official recognition of his self-proclaimed psychic ‘powers’ from the CIA; legitimately.

3. Gal Gadot

From: Rosh HaAyin

Former Miss Israel, Gucci model, and now Wonder Woman; that’s our Gal. The actress and model insisted that her IDF training gave her good practice for getting in shape… so much so that in the lead up to the release of Wonder Woman, Gal trained so hard she had to do television interviews standing up.

4. Gene Simmons (Disclaimer: Gene’s real name is Chaim Witz, and his stage persona is ‘The Demon’)

From: Tirat Carmel

Bass-guitarist and co-lead singer of rock band Kiss, Gene/Chaim/The Demon is a force to be found in eight-inch platforms. Aside of his rock talents, Gene appeared on The Apprentice, where he was fired by current US President, Donald Trump. No stranger to politics, Gene was quoted, “If Putin is here, he will not make himself known to me”; with a seven-inch tongue and a fetish for breathing fire on stage, we’re not sure we would either…

5. Bar Refaeli

From: Olesh

Not just a pretty face (Bar is an internationally-renowned Supermodel), news just in is that Refaeli is setting the bar high, with her entry to the music scene via a performance of hit-song Crazy, with Aerosmith in Tel Aviv. Clearly a brave woman, Bar is pregnant just 7 months after giving birth to her first child, mazel tov!

6. Oded Fehr

From: Tel Aviv

Oded is known for his performances as the evil villain of The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, and Charmed. He’s played an Islamist terrorist in Sleeper Cell and a Mossad agent in Covert Affairs; ironically, Oded does not like guns. The actor studied acting at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, here in London.

7. Eyal Podell

From: Tel Aviv

Despite the actor being born in Israel, raised in Hong Kong, and moving to New York, Eyal Podell got some of his experience through the RSC here in Stratford, England. Along with appearing in numerous popular television shows, including (but not limited to) Ally McBeal, The West Wing, ER, Without a Trace, Charmed, Angel, CSI (and the list goes on)… Podell acts, sings and plays guitar. Did someone say overachiever?

8. Esti Ginzburg

From: Tel Aviv

According to The Times of Israel, Israeli supermodel Esti Ginzburg has the potential to cause traffic accidents. Cosmetics line April received complaints from drivers that a billboard image of Esti over Ayalon Highway was a danger to road safety. An earlier study into said billboard found that accident rates went up by 40-50% when adverts of supermodels were featured. And this is not the only controversy Esti has been caught up in; she reportedly criticised fellow Israeli model Bar Refaeli for deferring her IDF duties to jet set. Meow

9. Chaim Topol

From: Tel Aviv

Chaim, the Israeli theatrical and film performer, singer, actor, comedian, voice artist, writer and producer, is best known for his role of Tevye the dairyman in classic, Fiddler on the Roof. Chaim won two Golden Globe Awards, and Israel’s highest honour: the Israel Prize for Lifetime Achievement. And for all you Harry Potter fans, in 2002, Chaim was Rubeus Hagrid’s voice for the Hebrew version of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets…You’re a Wizard, Chaim.

10. Yael Arad

From: Tel Aviv

Last but most definitely not least; Israeli Judoka Yael Arad earned the first-ever Olympic medal won by an Israeli, at the 1992 Olympic games in Barcelona. Widely recognised as one of Israel’s most successful athletes, in 2005 she was voted the 103rd greatest Israeli of all time; nothing big or anything.


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