Meet The Team

As the summer rolls around, we wanted to introduce our new team to all of you! Have questions? Need answers? Want to get more involved? See below!

Stacey Abendstern is our Masa Israel Representative in the United Kingdom. She will personally attend events involving our partner organisations: UJS, Traine-Traide, The Jewish Agency for Israel, among others. Graduating from the University of Birmingham in 2014, she has been involved with Israel Programming since her Israel Tour days (won’t tell you when THAT was!). She can be found on Facebook, alias Stacey Masa.

Joel Macadar is our Masa Israel Marketing & Recruitment Coordinator for the UK. He is personal tailoring of programmes, along with financial information and social media marketing, all wrapped into one. Originally Israeli,  raised in Mexico and the United States, he now resides in London having graduated from London Metropolitan University. He has been involved with Jewish organisations including Chabad, Taglit-Birthright and Alpha Epsilon Pi.

If you need to contact us, look up on your right hand side! Our information is there for when you need it.

Speak soon!

Help us find your Masa,

The Dream Team



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